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Inside the literary reviews of The Lighthouse and the Storm



Some of the reviews of Brazil’s greatest literary critics and instabooks on The Lighthouse and the Storm

“AN ENCHANTING NOVEL. FULL OF EMOTIONS, DISCOVERIES AND NEW BEGINNINGS. The Lighthouse and the Storm engages us with each new chapter” (@leiturasdananny)

“I LOVED THE WAY PAIN AND LOVE ARE WORKED INTO THE CHARACTERS’ LIVES. The book has that “WOW, my heart can’t take it” feeling” (Carolina Finco, @clubedofarol)

‘I’M A CARD-CARRYING FAN OF ROMULO’S WRITING. THE BOOK IS CAPTIVATING.  The description of Farethon is immersive… I found myself wandering around the island” (Ida Borchardt, writer)

“WE SEE ALL THE FEELINGS IN AN INTENSE AND PALPABLE WAY. What a beautiful story. The author shows us how faith is unshakeable, how love makes us fall and at the same time be reborn” (@nossas_leituras)

“PAIN AND LOVE ARE FEELINGS THAT OVERFLOW THE PAGES. This book really moved me… ‘The Lighthouse and the Storm’ is a work with an enormous emotional charge”  (@livrosland)

“PERFECT WRITING AND WELL-DEFINED CHARACTERS. A surprising story that captures the reader’s heart” (@marciafecchio)

“A VERY BEAUTIFUL WORK THAT CAN BRING TEARS TO THE READER’S EYES. The author really delves into the feelings and pain of the characters, so that we can almost feel them ourselves.” (@ceuliterario)

“ONE OF THE BEST READS I’VE DONE. I fell in love with the author’s writing, the setting, the cat Charles and the whole gripping narrative. Several times I wished I was on Farethon Island or inside the Lighthouse” (

“CHARMING AND REAL CHARACTERS IN A DELICIOUS PLOT. We get involved in this passionate plot with a dramatic romance full of twists and turns” (@houseofchick)

“THE ISLAND SETTING REALLY SPARKED MY IMAGINATION. Romulo Felippe’s writing is sensitive and melancholic”(@meuamorpeloslivros)

“PREPARE YOUR TISSUES AND YOUR HEART FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL STORY. The Lighthouse is a story full of tragedy and overcoming. Strength and resignification” (@livrosbyanna)

“ROMULO HAS COMBINED SENSITIVITY AND ROMANTICISM IN THIS WELL-WRITTEN BOOK. I recommend it for those in search of faith, as well as a lot of romance.” (@plataformalit)

“THE WRITING IS FLUID AND THE STORY INVOLVES US WITH EACH NEW CHAPTER. An enchanting novel. Full of emotions, discoveries, learning and new beginnings” (@leiturasdananny)

“DRAMA WILL WIN YOU OVER FROM THE VERY FIRST PAGES. I was delighted with the author’s writing and the way he developed and unfolded the plot” (@blogumaamanteliteraria)

“THE LIGHTHOUSE MADE MY HEART SIGH MANY TIMES. With his sensitive writing, Romulo makes us enter this story with an open heart” (@livroterapiamylife)

“IMPORTANT MESSAGES CAME TO ME AS I READ THE BOOK. The focus of the book is more than the suffering that lingers in the lives of the characters, it’s their new beginnings” (@oceanoliteraria)

“TREATING DELICATE THEMES, ROMULO MAKES US TRAVEL THROUGH HIS PLOT. Beautiful! That’s a word that perfectly defines this story. Sam and Anne are two people who have a painful past, and who will have to deal with their losses in order to finally experience a new feeling” (@gnomoleitora)

“BEAUTIFUL AND MOVING. THE STORY GOES BEYOND LOVE. The characters are real, believable, because everything that is presented to us, from the hardships to the purest smile, are facts common to anyone” (@thanoslivros)

“THE LIGHTHOUSE MADE ME SIGH COUNTLESS TIMES WHILE READING IT. Sam is an incomparable character, the kind you want to keep in a jar, you know?!” (@lostwordsblog)

“GETTING TO KNOW THE ISLAND OF FARETHON FROM ANNE’S POINT OF VIEW WAS INCREDIBLE. Here, fate has done its utmost to give our characters second chances, no pasts, an impossible future, forcing them to make the best of the present” (@cortedoslivros )

“THE BOOK MAKES US REFLECT ON LONELINESS, MOURNING, FAITH AND STARTING OVER. With fluid and engaging writing, Romulo Felippe gives us a plot that makes us conclude that we should enjoy every moment.” (@primeirasimpressoes)

“ANNE IS THE LIGHT THAT GUIDES SAM BACK TO LIFE… We are faced with a story of loss, mourning, love and overcoming” (@thebook_andthegirl)

“THIS IS AN OVERWHELMING, DRAMATIC AND SURREAL NOVEL. Romulo Felippe makes us think about how small we are in the face of the greatness of the universe, how life is full of obstacles, but also has many surprises in store for us.”(@pagesandseasons)

“THE CHARACTERS CARRY A HUGE DRAMATIC CHARGE… If you like a thrilling novel, full of drama that will break your heart, this is the perfect book” (@mundodaspaginas)

“I COULDN’T PUT THE BOOK DOWN UNTIL IT WAS FINISHED. The author builds a story of love and overcoming, set in a paradisiacal setting” (@maeliteratura)

“THE LIGHTHOUSE AND THE STORM WILL GIVE YOU HOURS OF ENCHANTMENT. A novel full of secrets, traumas, difficulties, guilt, but above all about love and redemption” (@ju.wonderland)

“I WAS BLOWN AWAY READING THE LIGHTHOUSE. This is a special novel, which tells of two people with traumas, who end up meeting and completing each other in unique ways” (@meu_romeu)

“THE LIGHTHOUSE FURNISHED MY IMAGINATION A LOT… Novo Conceito’s edition is wonderful. The layout is very comfortable and the illustrations that are part of the edition are really beautiful.” (@meuamorpeloslivros)

“THE LIGHTHOUSE BRINGS HOPE, FORGIVENESS AND THE CERTAINTY THAT THERE IS A SECOND CHANCE. The book shows that life is full of lessons and that we should live each moment in the best possible way” (@entrehistorias)

“ROMULO MOVES BETWEEN BAROQUE AND ROMANTICISM WHEN WRITING THE LIGHTHOUSE. The novel talks a lot about love, hope and faith. About allowing yourself, about giving yourself a second chance, about actually living and being happy, not just surviving (@mundodak)

“WITH EACH NEW PAGE WE ARE ENCHANTED BY THE PROTAGONISTS. With simple writing and complex characters, the author manages to create a story that enchants the reader” (@allexnascimento)

“IT’S ALWAYS WORTH READING A BOOK THAT HAS THE POWER TO MAKE US BETTER. With a super intense plot, we find in The Lighthouse and the Storm a lesson in overcoming. The book is about love, new beginnings, loss and hope.”(@mixturaliteraria)

“THE Lighthouse IS THE SECOND BEST READ OF MY LIFE… The book is without a doubt the best read of 2019.” “I didn’t want the story to end” (@dicasdaanara)

“The Lighthouse and the Storm makes us think of new beginnings… A story to warm our hearts and fill us with hope”(@sentimentodeleitor)

“A BOOK FILLED WITH REMARKABLE QUOTATIONS AND THOUGHTS… It’s a work with a great lesson, between sufferings, losses and gains” (@mybooks.mytips)

“THE LIGHTHOUSE IS A BOOK THAT TALKS ABOUT FAITH, NEW BEGINNINGS, LOVE, LOSSES AND VICTORIES. Narrated in the third person, the author takes us along as Anne transforms Sam’s life. I fell in love with Sam…” (@almaqsente)

“THE LIGHTHOUSE IS A SPECTACULAR WORK, FROM BEGINNING TO END… The Lighthouse and the Storm is like a book of poems. In a delicate way, it clarifies our vision of what it really means not to give up in this stormy world”(@saoribooks)

“THE BOOK FULFILLS ITS PROMISE OF BEING ONE OF THE GREAT LAUNCHES OF THE YEAR… Getting to know Farethon through Anne’s eyes, in the company of Sam and Charles, is an adventure that won’t let you stop reading until it’s  over” (@clubedofarol)

“IT’S A BOOK THAT WILL SURPASS ALL THE NOVELS I’VE EVER READ. Romulo Felippe has perfectly crafted a complete story, with a gripping climax, leading the reader to catharsis for the sake of the protagonists’ fate.” (@leituraenigmática)

“A STORY OF HOW LOVE CAN HEAL AND TRANSFORM. Sam and Anne are a scarred, broken couple, full of pain! They will discover a new way of living with each other” (@naestantedafabih)

“I LOVED THE MOMENTS OF RAMBLING THAT THE BOOK CAUSED ME. The questions that the situations in the book generate in the reader are precise. It’s impossible not to find yourself thinking about the ‘coincidences’ of fate”(@lellymarques)

“THE Lighthouse and the Storm was a captivating and fluid read… It’s worth reading and reflecting on the messages of love, faith, new beginnings and hope that the plot conveys.” (@blogmalucadoslivros)

“WITH RICH WRITING, SAM AND ANNE’S STORY BRINGS EMOTION TO THE READER. It’s interesting how I discovered Anne’s life along with her, how I visualized the island’s scenery, and was surprised by so many twists and turns.” (Shippando Livros)

“EXCITING LOVE STORY, AT THE PACE OF NICHOLAS SPARKS. The plot develops wonderfully and the characters are well developed” (@onebooks)

“A LOVE STORY BUILT BETWEEN BROKEN HEARTS… The Lighthouse and the Storm is a fascinating narrative and a passionate story” (@danuzaeoslivros)

“IT’S IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO FEEL THE PAIN AND LOVE OF EACH CHARACTER. Romulo Felippe’s narrative is very moving, showing all the suffering and obstacles, but full of love and hope” (@psamoleitura)

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